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Haris&Co. – An Exponentially – growing Digital Marketing Company in Kerala

The start of our journey dates back to 2020 when our founder Haris Aboobacker gave one more try to his entrepreneurial dreams after failing 15 TIMES! A cubicle with just a desk, chair and a computer – this was how Haris&Co. kicked off. From there, Haris built a young and passionate team that put their hearts into their work, resulting in gradual growth. Fast forward to today, Haris&Co has transformed. We have leapt from the cubicle to a full-fledged Digital Marketing agency in Kerala, and that small team is now a large workforce comprising more than 50+ employees. More interestingly, we have a long list of clients who have witnessed a massive increase in revenue and growth after partnering with us. In fact, we have generated a revenue of more than ₹5Cr in total for our clients thus far, and it’s continuing to mount.

Haris&Co. provides every essential Digital Marketing service that a brand requires to thrive in this highly-competitive digital era. Our service suite consists of D2C Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Paid Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Photography and Marketplace Catalog. In each area, we boast a passionate team that has broad-know how and is well-versed in planning and executing the strategies the right way. Be it any client, our goal is constant- to skyrocket their sales, pump up their revenue and drive growth. And, we can do that for you too! Sign up with Haris&Co. and witness your business grow to the next level.

Case Studies

Our Services


E-commerce Marketing

We help set up your business’s online store on Shopify eCommerce platforms with effective search engine optimization. Run targeted e-commerce marketing campaigns to improve the sales of your business significantly with us.

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Lead Generation

Our Paid Ads services facilitate the management of your paid advertisements by fetching the right targeted audience efficiently. We test and gain precise insights to amplify the ROI of your campaign in terms of reach and revenue.

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Our experienced team of SEO experts with an impressive track record of getting multiple clients to the top in double-quick time.The fact that we were able to gain visibility competing against well-acclaimed companies in the respective industries shows our capability and efficiency as the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala

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How We Deploy a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy for You

Discover how a global digital marketing agency in Kerala can boost your brand image and online visibility with Result-oriented Digital Marketing Strategies.



Our Digital Marketing services are pointed in the direction of preserving a positive brand reputation by elevating brand goodwill and achieving positive feedback from your customers. Raise your brand reputation to global standards with the finest Digital Marketing Company in Kerala.


Customer Oriented Market Research

As your trusted Global Digital Marketing Agency, we conduct a thorough market research on consumer behaviour. This precise customer insight is the key towards optimised marketing strategy for your business.


Enhance the Rate of Conversion

We convert your traffic into revenue by engaging with customers constantly through various channels. With a clean and user-friendly interface and top notch web design, we ensure a great user experience for your customers, regardless of which part of the world they are located in!.


Brand Building

Our Integrated digital marketing services will benefit your process of brand building and help maximise your brand equity in the long run. Make a wise investment in Digital Marketing with peerless services from the best digital marketing company in Kerala.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Haris&Co. located?

Haris&Co. is a Kerala-based digital marketing agency in India. We deal with both domestic and multinational companies across the globe.

What are the services provided by Haris&Co.?

As one of the best and fastest growing Digital Marketing agencies in Kerala, our services range broadly from social media marketing, content marketing, search engine Optimization, D2C Marketing, Marketplace catalogue services, paid ads and more.

Do you have a digital academy?

Haris&Co. provides internship programs for young aspirants who are passionate about Digital Marketing and wish to learn from the best in Kerala.

Shortlisting will be done through an interview process to assess your area of interest and compatibility to work with our team. To get a call from us, send your resume and portfolio (if any) to justmakeitto@harisand.co

How to be a part of Haris&Co.?

Great Opportunities await you to learn and improve your skills from the best Digital Marketing agency in Kerala. Send your resume and portfolio to hr@harisand.co

What are the types of businesses for which you provide digital marketing services?

Our main area of expertise is in D2C, B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to consumers) model enterprises. We provide digital marketing services to all those who seek exponential growth for their brand via online channels!

Where is your client base mostly from?

Our clients are majorly based in India, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Reach us for digital marketing consulting from any corner of the world and our team will be at your service!

List the industries where Haris&Co. exert competency and hold knowledge upon?

Haris&Co. deals with brands from the field of Healthcare, Retail, Ecommerce, Product sales, Manufacturing, Education etc as their trusted digital marketing agency in kerala.


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