Case Study

10K to 5L with Haris & Co: The Digital Journey of Ire.Tex Premier

Executive Summary

With Haris & Co. the upscaling of business for Ire.Tex Premier was a piece of cake. E-commerce marketing strategies and social media campaigns fine-crafted at Haris & Co. played a huge role in the process.

The first three months of the collaboration alone saw a rise in sales from 10,000 to 500,000. Registering in the right e-commerce networks and a relevant presence on various social media platforms for awareness campaigns is what got them there, tell the findings.


Ire.Tex Premier is a company that spends exceptionally on product quality and sustainability. The pricing for the unprecedented quality may have posed a problem initially, but they firmly believed that their world-class products are meant for the Indian market too.

They’re a company that learns and improves by observing their market and customers alone. But their presence and content in online marketplaces were paltry. Their branding in the digital world remained feeble.

The Goal

While packaging materials were easily available in different specifications and Customisations, the goal was to grab the audience through genuine promises and transparency which attracted them towards the products. The brand that marketed through instagram posters had to find and create a better community on instagram and facebook through ads lead generation. Increase in quality of content had to be an essential factor in building the brand.


  • Ire.Tex Premier with its unique product range decided to tap the first-mover advantage in the online market. They were also adamant about growing without reducing cost as product quality and international standards are something they could never compromise with. We kickstart social media marketing across many platforms.
  • Registered on Amazon and Flipkart for online presence in the B2C domain and on TradeIndia and IndiaMART for digital presence in B2B domains. The team waited to analyze the platforms that generated good leads to start premium accounts and also to optimize those marketplaces.
  • Product research found that their Bubble Mailers were of unparalleled quality unlike that of competitors. The reason was that they manufactured their mailers in India instead of importing them from other parts of the world including China.
  • Awareness of their products and product quality was also dispersed through social media campaigns to generate more sales. Also conducted some online activities with crafters to create awareness.


With a better digital presence and accurate internet branding paired with consumer awareness and market research, Haris & Co.’s adept team helped Ire.Tex Premier’s sales hit 5 Lakhs from 10K in just 3 months. Their products successfully managed to thrive on many digital marketplaces that were later optimized.

Haris & Co. perfected an exclusive plan for them in a very short span through experimentation and research that helped them consistently and cost-effectively maintain a high sales rate and generate greater leads.




Ire.Tex Premier’s timely collaboration with Haris & Co.’s A1 digital marketing team helped rocket their sales, lead generation and branding digitally without having to compromise on their first-rate product quality for cost-efficiency. It enabled them to experiment and identify what works and what doesn’t in the e-commerce domain and helped them extend more awareness to customers via social media, leaving them with consistent sales and precedents to follow for greater sales and lead generation.


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