CARE N CURE Case Study

Case Study

How we created 1 lakh Impressions within one week 

About the Client

Care n Cure group is one of the largest pharmacy network in Qatar with Around 50+ outlets all around Qatar.


Care n Cure wanted a campaign on the importance of drinking water in the Qatar at their summer time. We organized a campaign in awareness of the dehydration during the summer.

Plan & Execution

  • We announced a contest of Drink with Care on June 24 to encourage the people to drink water and stay hydrated.
  • To educate and communicate with the Target audience we created a hashtag #emptywatercupchallenge and told people to share the picture of empty water cup in their Instagram story with this hashtag.
  • We collaborated with the top influencers of Qatar which created the campaign a success within a week. The campaign got attention among Qatar and the people started to participate. We created an impression of 104979 engagement on Instagram.


Our challenge reached up to 1 Lakh people around Qatar within Just one week’s time. We were able to create an awareness among the people regarding dehydration and the importance of drinking water.

  • Impression : 1 lakh
  • Engagement : 104979
  • Participants : 100 people

Departments involved

  • Haris & Co Design Team
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Strategist

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