Educational Institution Case Study

Case Study

This is how we ranked our clients’ websites in the educational industry.


An educational institution with international standards.


  • Optimizing and structuring a website that had no user experience

  • Ranking their website using strategic SEO process planning.

Our Approach – What did we do?

We broke down the whole SEO process into 3 stages.

1. Long-tail keyword research

Long-tail keywords have always shown amazing results like increased search volume, higher click-through rate, higher conversion rate, easier and quicker ranking.

2. Website structure refinement

Structuring a website to its best is a very important step in order to generate more traffic leads and to receive more internal links.

3. Optimizing the site for mobile

Mobile optimization is a crucial element as websites are viewed more on mobile phones than any other tech gadgets. Thus making a website mobile-friendly directly means more potential customers.


  • Improved traffic from organic search.
  • Improved ranking for main keywords.
  • Increased sign-ups.
  • Build global awareness.

This is how our strategic SEO process helped our clients in the education industry.


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