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As per DataReportal, 50% of internet users use search engines to research brands. So, appearing on top of search results is a must. But, ranking #1 isn’t the only goal of our SEO. We strive to drive results that matter the most for your business–more website visitors leads, and revenue. Simply put, while others help you just rank on Google, we help you rank + grow your business.

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Our SEO Success Stories


About the Brand

With a legacy of over 125 years, Kairali TMT is a producer and supplier of high-quality TMT steel bars. With more than 300+ dealers, Kairali has a huge presence in the Steel industry and is one of the top brands in South India.

Pain Point

Kairali’s offline presence was huge with 300+ dealers across South India. However, their online presence was almost zero. It was to address this issue, they associated with us.


What We Did

   Researched and shortlisted the most suitable keywords.

✔   Researched the competitors to create counter strategies.

✔   Conducted a technical audit of the website and sorted the issues.

✔   Optimized the on-page elements of the website.

  Created a content strategy to increase the number of website visitors.

  This included finding valuable topics that are most searched by the audience.

✔   Formulated link-building strategies to improve domain authority.


Result Achieved

✔   Organic traffic flew from 1k to 1.9+ lakh traffic. (200x)

✔   The website ranked on Google for a total of 16,000 keywords. It was just 405 at the start.


About the Brand

BOSQ is a premium brand that offers top-quality workspace solutions such as ergonomic office chairs, sofas, worktables and more. BOSQ has a huge clientele that includes top organizations and brands such as CIAL, Huawei, Infopark, ISRO, Porshe, BMW, Benz and more.

Pain Points

   They already had a website, but their online presence was low.

✖   They could not generate quality leads through the website.

✖   Website performance was not up to the mark, hindering SEO results.


What We Did

✔   Researched the industry and analyzed the competition.

✔   Conducted keyword research and prepared a list of transactional keywords based on their locations.

✔   Designed and developed a landing page for each main keyword with the goal of targeting the right audience.

✔   Developed SEO-optimized content for the landing pages. Also, developed valuable blogs

✔   Optimized the technical aspects of the website for optimal performance.

✔   Did on-page and off-page SEO.

✔   Did guest posts on high-authority sites to improve credibility.


Result Achieved

✔   Generated 400+ sales-quality leads organically.

✔   Their website ranked for 700+ keywords.

✔   All of their landing pages ranked in the Top 5

✔   Store visits increased significantly.


About the Brand

Afyun is one of the leading plywood brands in South India with a wide range of products such as Marine Plywood, MR Plywood, BWR Plywood, Flexiply and many more. They use advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure their products have optimum quality.

Pain Points

   Online presence wasn’t up to the mark.

✖   Ranking below the competitors for many keywords.

✖   Unable to drive leads through their website.


What We Did

   Shortlisted apt keywords that would bring traffic and leads.

✔   Designed and developed landing pages specific to each keyword.

✔   Creating topic clusters to drive better traffic and improve topical authority

✔   Optimized the landing pages thoroughly including the technical side to ensure lead generation.

✔   Planned and implemented proper off-page SEO strategies.

✔   Implemented programmatic SEO strategies


Result Achieved

✔   Generated 100 leads per month on average.

✔   20+ blogs ranked on the first page.

✔   All of the targeted landing pages ranked on the first page.

✔   The website performance improved big time, reducing the bounce rate.


About the Brand

Skin Bae is a skincare brand that supplies authentic and premium Korean Skincare products from top brands such as Thank You Farmer, Rovectin and more. They are the official Indian partner of these brands. Skin Bae’s line of products also includes Haircare and Lip care products.

Pain Points

✖   Extremely difficult competition with top brands like Amazon, Nykaa, etc competing for the targeted keywords.

✖   Couldn’t achieve expected sales due to the premium price of the product.

✖   The right landing pages weren’t ranking for the targeted keywords.


What We Did

✔   Created a list of transactional keywords after thorough research and categorized the same according to the product categories.

✔   We also shortlisted some transactional and informational keywords for blogs.

✔   The client already had collection pages, but they weren’t optimized for the best user experience. So, we tweaked the design and technical aspects.

✔   We also developed SEO and user-friendly content for the page.

✔   We put a strong link-building strategy in place for enhanced website authority.


Result Achieved

✔   All targeted landing pages and blogs ranked in the top 3 above the top players such as Nykaa, Amazon, Macaron, etc.


About the Brand

Infinity Care is one of the popular home care service providers based in Abu Dhabi. They provide a wide variety of home care services such as Babysitting, Physiotherapy, Covid-19 Tests, Elderly Care, Nursing and more.

Pain Points

✖   Their landing pages had excellent ranks in Google, but the conversion rate was not up to the mark.

✖   The UI and UX of the page were below average. 

✖   The technical side of the website was poor. 

✖   There were no proper calls to action on their pages. 

✖   The content and copy weren’t interesting, catchy and engaging.


What We Did

✔   Did thorough research for landing page design to get an idea of what works

✔   Filtered the best keywords that could drive more leads.

✔   Revamped the design of the landing pages of each targeted service.

✔   Optimized the landing page and homepage with user experience in mind to drive more clicks and leads.

✔   Created proper content structure. Replaced the existing content with more engaging and valuable content and copy.

✔   Formulated and implemented a clear-cut link-building strategy.


Result Achieved

✔   Generated 200+ leads within 2 months.

✔   2 targeted pages ranked in the #1 position. The rest of the pages ranked in the top 5.

✔   Reduced the bounce rate significantly.

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