Case Study

How a change in content strategy increased the overall engagement ratio

About the Client

Skillbus is a Whatsapp-based English learning platform, providing courses for people of all ages based on their calibre in the language. With a personalized trainer by their side, Skillbus believes in language improvement through daily conversations and practices


There has been massive competition in English learning platforms across different media. And competitors have stopped at nothing to get quality posts on social media but eventually leading to repetition in contents on all of them.

Skillbus faced the same as the competition increased by the day. Their view has decreased substantially, the impressions and so have the engagement rate.


To increase engagement on social media pages through quality and relatable content.

Plan & Execution

As Skillbus approached us, it was necessary that we stand out amongst the crowd with our content on social media.

With that in mind, the content method has been shifted from completely informative to edutaining and even entertaining.

  • The content strategy now works on:-
    Relatable scenarios in learning English in everyday life.
  • Inclusion of Malayalam in our depiction of each scenario, as we cater to a majority of Malayalam speakers.
  • Riddles on a weekly basis encouraging comments on the feed.
  • Reel and video scripts that are relatable to Malayalis and presented in a fun way


The following results were accomplished:-

  • A larger number of reach and impressions
  • A great difference in engagement ratio
  • Increased views for videos, reaching up to even 10k views.
  • Increase in the number of followers by almost 1000

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