Case Study

How A 1-week Long Follower Campaign Hit The Desired Target Successfully With Reduced Cost Per Follower.


A pre-owned Luxury Bikes & Cars brand from India that delivers pre-owned vehicles all over India along with multiple services related to automobiles.

Main targeted audience: Bikers, Automobile enthusiasts etc.


    • High estimated cost per follower.
    • Different lines of product and services.
    • Targeted to a large body of the audience.
    • Premium Pricing.
    • Limited Stock.

    The Story

    Boss Rides Official is one of the luxury pre-owned Luxury Bikes & Cars brands in India with a limitless range of vehicles and world-class quality services.

    The company also offers detailing & ceramic coating services for Automobiles.

    The Goal

    • Create brand awareness.
    • Increase followers with reduced cost per follower.
    • Spread the word about the multiple services and products


    • Instead of the regular approach to follower campaigns with macro-influencers, we decided to go big.

    • We did a promotional testimonial video by a popular celebrity that enabled us to go wide on our audience’s sphere.

    • The UGC inspired video gained great popularity among the audience.

    • The video along with efficient campaign planning and successful audience target gained followers significantly with reduced cost per follower.


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