Blue Tyga Case Study

Case Study

How a user generated content leads to an increase in shopify sales.


A comfort wear brand that initiated with posters for the men’s community later paved way for unisex, men and women apparel and had increased Shopify sales.


  • 4x increase on ROAS (return on ad spend).
  • Expanded community of people who follow and prefer comfort wear.
  • 60-70% decrease in cost per conversion.

The Story

Bluetyga is a comfort wear brand that focuses and is notable for its extremely comfortable joggers which are available in various patterns and styles for its multiple-use suitable for any event or activity.

From originating joggers specifically for men, the brand has made a standout statement in the comfort wear category by launching women and kids wear lately.

The Goal

  • A larger community that prefer and follow the trend of comfort wear, particularly the jogger cult for all your occasions was the first step towards building larger sales or increasing in the purchase.
  • Ads to make the audience want to experience the comfort of joggers in Bluetyga.
  • Target audience of more demand for the products and generate content that gives trust and increase in purchase rate.


  • Began with posters and later converted Ads to Shopify which led to an increase in the audience.
    Created video ads introducing the brand with a display of detailed products.
  • Moved to user-generated content which had a fail-proof result with an increase of 4x return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Targeted audience campaign focusing on the work from home and fitness community and generated ads and content for an increased reach and purchase among them.
  • A mind-blowing decrease of 60-70% cost per conversion of ads
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Client Testimonial

If there is something that makes me want to work out every day, it’s the super comfortable joggers that I am obsessed with.


A Sports Enthusiast

I am an IT professional and work from home days are hectic as I have to work almost the whole day, but Bluetyga’s fit gives me so much ease to work and also I feel it’s totally worth the price, in fact very affordable.

Arun Raj


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