Healthcare Case Study

Case Study

Ranking #1 Our Client’s Website for Their Services.


A localized healthcare service provider in the dental industry.


  • Rank the website in google search.
  • Formulate a plan to improve organic traffic to the website
  • Increase backlink profiles.

Our Approach – What did we do?

We broke down the whole SEO process into 3 stages.

1. Comprehensive technical SEO audit

Conducting this audit helped us identify all the issues that were preventing our client’s website from getting visibility in search engines. It is advisable that an audit is conducted every year to find out problems and include changes according to the new SEO trends and updates

2. Change on-page SEO elements

Creating an on-page SEO strategy in order to increase traffic and to improve page load speed.

3. Building quality links from authority and relevant website


  • We could successfully rank keywords in the 1st position in Google search for the services provided by our client.
  • Increased visibility of the website in targeted locations.
  • Increased website traffic and leads through optimized keywords.

This is exactly how our team of experts helped our clients rank themselves in google search.


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